Healthy Hair starts with a Healthy Scalp

Specialised Hair Care

Care and protection for all scalp conditions

It is a common misconception that the hair and scalp can be treated as one. The scalp is a continuation of the facial skin and therefore needs to be treated appropriately from a skin perspective. What is necessary for your hair may be very different to what is needed to treat your scalp. A well functioning scalp is essential for beautiful, healthy hair.

Flakes, itchiness, pain, tightness, hair loss, stringy, dull and lifeless hair are all signs of scalp conditions. Incorrect care regimes, chemical treatments, colouring, blow drying, stress and environmental influences all contribute to the increasing number of people experiencing complex scalp issues today.

For more complex scalp conditions our highly trained Certified Scalp Specialists will effectively and scientifically evaluate and treat your concerns



Hair Spa Treatments

Hair Spa Conditioning (includes luxurious scalp massage)

Short $35.00
Medium  $45.00