Rejuvenating Facial


Ideal for the time conscience client. Includes a personal skin analysis, double cleanse, gentle exfoliation, steam therapy, facial massage and special mask therapy. All sealed with moisture protection. 1hr procedure.

Deep Detox Facial


Recommended for clogged, congested, oily skin type. Includes personal skin analysis, double cleanse, gentle exfoliation, steam treatment, extractions, special mask therapy and finishing with moisture protection. 1hr procedure.

Vitamin Radiance Facial


This specialised facial treatment brightens skin, improves tone and texture includes professional skin analysis, double cleanse, specific skin peel exfoliation, special mask therapy, facial massage including neck and decolletage. All sealed with hydration and moisture protection. Leaves your skin radiant for days. 1hr 30min procedure.

Luzern's Pure Spa Oxygen Facial $129

The Worlds Purest and Most Luxurious Facial

Designed to detoxify, nourish and hydrate the skin on a cellular level. This very effective, yet pampering treatment uses TRF Oxygen Detox technology, exfoliation from French Chardonnay grapes, and Luzern proprietary Swiss Alpine Complexes. Customizable with a choice of 10 Bio - Swiss Serums and a professional mask, The Pure Spa Oxygen Facial targets and effectively treats all skin types and conditions. 1hr 15mins Procedure


Excellent method of exfoliating your skin. Micro-Dermabrasion utilises medical grade crystals to abrade away dead skin revealing smooth, fresh new skin. Micro- Dermabrasion is a excellent way to prepare your skin for many of our specialized treatments used extensively in treatments for acne, aged skin, pigmentation and tired, devitalised skin, you will notice a difference even after your first treatment. 45mins

As a single treatment ( includes mask therapy) 
When used in conjunction with other facial treatments 
$60 extra
As a series of 3 treatments